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got this in e-mail

From Suzyn Jackson, designer of this and author of this (and if you've got something in knitty, you probably got a copy, too, but I figured I'd pass it along anyhow):

Call for Submissions

Do you write? Do you knit? Do you belong to a knitting circle, club, group, guild or other collection of knitters who meet once in a while?

I need your input!

I am putting together a book on knitting circles, with the editor of For the Love of Knitting and Knitting Yarns and Spinning Tales (I contributed to both books). There are many ways that you can participate.

I’m looking for:

* Patterns specifically designed to be knit by a group. I want to go beyond “everyone knits a few squares and some poor sod puts it all together to make an afghan.” Think of ways to use the varied skills and talents of a group of knitters to make something unique.
* Information and patterns about knitting for charity. Have a no-fail pattern for preemie hats? Know of an institution that accepts knitted gifts? Please let me know. I’m particularly interested in organizations that reach out to people nationwide and on a global scale.
* Writing about the knitting community. Personal essays, poems, short stories… just so long as it deals with two or more knitters. Short is good; no more than 2000 words, please.
* Awesome knitting circles for me—or you—to profile.
* Super-fantastic talented wonderful volunteer knitting circles to test the patterns!
* Finally, any tips and tricks for getting a circle together and keeping it going.

If you have any questions, please contact me at knitsurf@yahoo.com. ORIGINAL, UNPUBLISHED submissions only, please. If I select your piece, you will get paid.

Submission deadline: June 30, 2007.
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