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designersclub's Journal

Knitting Designers' Round Table
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This is a closed forum for knitwear designers to discuss their designs in progress. The community is friends-only and requires approval to join, not because we hate you, but in order to preserve first-publication rights for the designers who participate. Generally, new members will be sponsored by a current member. If your username is unfamiliar to us, we'll probably drop you a note asking about your background (again, nothing personal).

The ground rules:
Critique is welcome and should be expected, but this is a flame-free community; if you think a design has a problem, speak up respectfully and explain why. Offering suggestions on how to improve it is even better. If you can't handle constructive criticism of your work, this is not the place for you. If you can only snark and not offer positive suggestions, it's also not the place for you. This is a community of mutual respect and assistance.

DO NOT STEAL OTHER PEOPLE'S IDEAS. Not only is it rude, it is intellectual property theft. If you're inspired by someone else and you're unsure of whether or not it's different enough to move forward with, ASK. Do not re-post anything posted here unless you have the original author's permission. As people trying to make some sort of a living from our own ideas, copyright is a very important issue to us.

Please post in Standard Written English only. This doesn't mean no run-on sentences, fragments, or colloquialisms; what it does mean is no leet-speak, text-speak, AIM-speak, or whatever the kids are calling it these days. If you can't be bothered to spell "you" with three whole letters, think twice before joining. Of course we understand that LiveJournal is an international community; if English is not your native language, we don't expect perfection. Our writing isn't flawless, either.

Anyone violating either of the first two rules will be banned. Violate the leetspeak rule more than once or twice, and you'll likely also get banned. People's ideas are valuable and we want to make sure they feel comfortable sharing them. We are all grownups, let's hope we can act like it.

Feel free to post open, constructive critiques of knitting magazine patterns or books, from a designer's perspective. Evaluating other people's designs critically can help develop a good eye. All images should go behind a cut, as should lengthy text-only posts; use your judgement.